Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chongqing-The Mountain City

Taking the train to Chongqing was definitely a long ride. It was the usual overcrowded hustle and bustle of the china folks. Hundreds of people were flocking all over the station, rushing to get into the train first. I don't understand though, as we all have numbered seats. The Chinese just feel the need to rush around. It's their mentality to be the first in every situation. I noticed that most locals carried huge packages full of only god knows.

We arrived early morning and jumped in a taxi to our hotel. Couldn't wait to get to J.W. Marriot hotel for a well deserved shower. We didn't have much sleep in the train so, we actually had some rest at the hotel before the commencement of our shopping activities. Later, we strolled along the streets and came across some traditional chinese dancing going on in a square and watched for a while. There were several little backstreet markets around town. Here you had the opportunity to purchase very fresh (still alive and moving) fish and eels which were placed in buckets, frogs, chickens and ducks which were butchered then and there if you wished. Prostitutes could be found at almost every turn, bravely plying their trade on five-foot ways and street corners. I had to confess they were young and voluptuous. I wouldn't say my hubby didn't enjoy what he saw. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing. There's a price to pay if you mess around and bring back sexually transmitted disease as a souveneir.

Anyway, the reason we were in Chongqing was to visit the Dazu Craving stone. To be continued......

Chongqing's super high rise apartments and overpowering structures

Chongqing skyline at night

In the evening, you can see beautiful sunsets here

Rooftop Terrace of a hotel

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nice to have you here. thanks for sharing wonderful pictures. truly awesome.