Friday, August 15, 2008

School Holidays and Olympics fever

Finally, the school holidays are here and this is what my kids have been looking forward to. Woohoo! They are enthusiastic and the grins and cheers are fun to hear. I thought of planning some activities to keep them preoccupied instead of going stir crazy at home. However times have changed these days, with the modern, fast paced world, many kids are more eager to hang out at home and play indoors with their computer games or watch TV.

That said, I already have plans for the entire weekend laid out for me. It involves sitting in front of the TV and embracing the Olympics, watching my favourite events! LOL! Having to work on week days, I hardly have the chance to catch a glimpse on the live events, so I only get to watch the highlights at night. Sorry kids, the TV's all ours this whole weekend, you can watch your favourite TV channels after the Olympics end.. hehehe.

I recalled growing up as a kid and counting down the last days of school like crazy until school holidays started! It was totally unplanned, unscheduled and plenty of fun. I honestly can’t remember doing one planned activity in my school holidays, apart from when we went on family trips.

Meanwhile, my eldest daughter, Eunice will be preparing for her UPSR exams. The extra tuition classes will be conducted during school holidays. There’s a flip chart at school reminding the kids the countdown to the exams are drawing near. But the kids these days aren’t nervous and feel intense like us. They hardly worry about their exams.

In fact, she can’t wait for the exams to start so she can get it over soon. Yeah, me too, so I can stop worrying.

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