Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potty Training

My first and second children were potty trained at age 4 months old, and they 've been co-operative. Needless to say, the bones of the baby's still delicate which requires you to gently hold them at such young age. Now my third child, Ennis who is now 13 months old–let's just say, I don't have any issues on potty training her too. Lucky for me! Whenever I put her down on her potty she cooperates. I guess it's a matter of a routine she has to get used to.

I usually placed her favorite toy around the potty so she will get one each time she does her 'little business' in the potty. It certainly saves time cleaning up the little messes which is a huge perk! Ennis has started wearing underwear when we were home and pull-ups when we were out.. Early potty training can reduce the use of diapers drastically and help the environment. And getting kids out of diapers helps reduce the rashes too. Overall, potty training requires patience, consistency, determination and time to make things work.

Ennis has this habit of passing motion after her meals. So I will let her sit on the potty and make some "emm emm" sounds.

some of the essential potty-training tools INCLUDE toys, dolls, books, which can be used to help make potty training fun and easy.

For those of you who want help with making potty training a positive experience, check this cool website:Infant Potty Training

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