Sunday, August 3, 2008

A little bit of everything

This has been an exhausting weekend for me. My youngest precious daughter, Ennis was down with a fever since Friday night and last night particularly, a night of little sleep and musical beds for all three of us. That's only because her phlegm and colds were troubling her. She's been very fussy yesterday morning and had a lot of sneezing and nasal congestion making it hard for her to breathe. I treated my toddler with some paracetamol, nose oral drops and cough mixtures but she seems to HATE those medicines--they're way too sweet for her. Obviously, her appetite was affected, was on the verge of tears most of the time, and was just so miserable.

I was watching her while she was taking a nap this afternoon. Thank goodness, her fever had subsided by the evening. Luckily, she was able to munch a biscuit or two between intervals which showed more positive signs. Being cautious & not taking any chances, eventually I took her to consult our family doctor to make sure it wasn't her ears or anything.

You would think that twelve years of motherhood would have prepared me for this but sadly, no, I was not. My toddler refused to be sponged and woke up most of the time for two nights. I have two other kids and I remember how fragile and helpless I felt each time my kids got sick. Whenever a child fell sick, the mom would get the stress and deprived sleep, it's just the norm. No thanks to the hazy and humid weather here as well.

I'm so glad Ennis's doing so much better now, and that everything went well! Thank goodness for great doctors. It is scary when anyone gets sick especially my toddler who is still small, it makes it much worse. Naturally, when the kid is happy, everybody's happy.

I'm pretty tired and worn, both emotionally and physically from the last couple of days. Somehow deep in my heart I know, these days are what make my bond with my girl so special. I get to be her supermom when times are not easy.

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