Friday, August 8, 2008

The P8wer of 8

Today marks a special day as it is the day of the triple eights 08.08.08. The last time it took place was a century ago. This is the only chance in our lifetime to see through 08.08.08. Why so much fuss over the particular number? The Chinese are especially fond of the number 8 because it is associated with prosperity. It goes without saying that the world has gone mad with 8s today.

Today is special in another way as it's the opening day of the much awaited Beijing Olympics. It's undeniable fact that China has been hit by disasters through out the year and that many are hoping a successful Olympics will break this trend.

China's National Stadium, a.k.a the Bird's Nest, is the venue of the opening ceremony today (Photo:Xinhua)

Yao Ming will carry the host nation's flag at the ceremony

8 W8nders - No number dominates like 8 which can be found everywhere

88 Minutes-The Movie

Have a memorable 08.08.08!

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