Thursday, August 14, 2008

OLYMPICS Opening Ceremony Singing Scandal

It was disheartening to read about how Lin Miaoke (girl on the right) was lip-synching 'Ode to the Motherland' during the Olympics opening ceremony. The whole lip syncing issue has sparked a public outcry. It's a shame the face wasn't put to the voice.

Yang Peiyi (girl on the left) is a child with a beautiful voice in every sense of the word. In the first place, she should have been up there singing that song for real and getting the glory and recognition that she deserves. The individuals responsible for this are not being very good role models. It seems they are encouraging everyone that it's okay to be fake.

It is an awful statement that Yang Peiyi is not pretty enough and has some crooked teeth to represent her country. It must be so hurtful to her pride and self-esteem but amazingly, she’s taking it positively. The promoters of the Olympics got it wrong. China should be proud of this cute little girl's amazing talent and not put up a deceptive show.

Damages have been done to both the girls. What's been done cannot be undone! The target should not be the children but rather the organisers who make this senseless decision. China should put this right and allow Yang Peiyi to perform at some stage during the closing olympics. Otherwise we'll never forget that China is a FAKE !!!!!


Dwacon® said...

Nothing that Milli Vanilli and C&C Music Factory didn't do first...

Musicguy said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. the singing girl is hideous! thank you, totalitarian china, for saving us from her ugly face.

stupid communists.

Lena T said...

yeah, China is copying what the entertainment industry does all the time.

nope, i totally disagree with you. i think Yang Peiyi is downright adorable.

Sarah said...

im not surprised. they fake almost everything. it gets bigger and bigger. remember not-disneyland? lol

Lena T said...

yeah, china has not always done everything right.

HotMomma said...

i thought about the same things, really - the fiasco damaged both girls - to their sense of right and wrong and their self esteem.

the real singer should indeed be accepted and given her due recognition for who she is and not for how she looks.

China is one big lie! and not only because of this incident. the Olympic is their coming-out party and it's shameful that they have done these dirty tricks to prove what? they only did more harm to their already tarnished image.

Lena T said...

the singing scandal is really pissing off most people. China wants to make the Beijing Olympic Games a perfect one to the extent of playing with these two little girls.

Ori said...

I feel sorry for both little girls, Peiyi and Miaoke are both adorable. They're just little girl, I don't understand why China gov judges kids by their looks. I just hope that stupid act from China gov won't ruin both girl's self-confidence. I hope Peiyi knows that many people think she is beautiful, not because they pity her, but because she really is adorable.

Lena T said...

yeah, truly a sad state of affairs. shame on china!