Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lee Chong Wei LOST to Lin Dan

It's silver medal for Lee Chong Wei. It was such a heartbreaking moment and I'm sure it was even more heart wrenching for him.

Lee Chong Wei failed in his quest for an Olympic gold medal when he lost to Lin Dan 12-21, 8-21 in straight sets. Looks like Chong Wei was not in his top form tonight. Obviously he was under tremendous pressure but he has delivered his best performance.

I have to confess that Lin Dan was clearly the better player tonight, suitably aggressive, powerful with his smashes and ripping Chong Wei apart mercilessly. I kinda expected Lin Dan would win as he was seen to be dominating the game from the beginning. He truly deserved every inch of that gold medal. Nonetheless, nobody expects the battle of the titans to end in such a way. The whole game was just practically painful to watch. It was all over in 39 minutes. But hey, whatever we may comment, this is not the time for criticisms. Chong Wei performed far better than any of the other athletes we sent to Beijing.

Despite failing to get the gold medal, Chong Wei is set to obtain RM300,000 from the Government for winning the silver medal. Congratulations Chong Wei!


nisha said...

Thanks so much for visiting:)

brazil cool said...

I would say Lin Dan was under more pressure than Lee Chong Wei.

Remembering that every gold medal counts for China if it wants to overtake USA in sports supremancy.

Lena T said...

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brazil cool,
despite the mounting pressure from his home crowd, Lin Dan played perfectly well.