Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1 in a million

1 in a million is down to Top 5 finalists. The 5 remaining in the competition are getting intense for their next performance.

It's not easy being in a reality singing show. The judges' comments can be harsh at times. The contestants have to be prepared to accept feedback of the good, bad and ugly sort.

Performing on stage week after week, Sara always has the X factor. She has not dissapoint anybody yet. She's a truly vocal powerhouse.

I was impressed with Shila's performance. It was brilliant and awesome.

There was Ayu who rendered her song beautifully. It was a song that demanded a feeling that came straight from the heart.

I guess AB has not showcased his vocals last week. I think he tried very hard but obviously his voice was not up to par with Nurul.

Mark was given thumbs down for his performance. His vocals were messy and he has pitching problems. Worse, he could be going home.

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