Saturday, February 16, 2008

Malaysia votes - Election 2008

Finally, the Parliament has been dissolved ending months of speculation. The nomination day will be on February 24 2008 and polling day on March 8 2008. Once again the voters will be flocking to the respective polling centres to cast their ballots. The hardcore supporters have began putting up banners, posters and flags on the streets. The choice that we make will be crucial for the country's vision and development in all aspects. I think this year's polls will be a challenge with the Indian voters because of the emergence of the Hindu Rights Action Force. People are now venting their frustrations over some issues openly. Anyway, to eligible voters out there, please vote wisely. The power is in your hands. If you want to check your electoral info, please click

Incidentally, Nuffnang's birthday bash coincides with the polling day as well. To minimize the disruption to all eligible voters, Nuffnang has decided to postpone the event to March 15 2008, Saturday. The deadline for blog entry submissions is on February 29 2008. All other details remain unchanged.

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