Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shop for the ideal mobile phone

Mobile phones have evolved enormously these days. They have become the most important gadgets for youngsters especially.
From camera phones, music phones, gaming phones, smart phones and multimedia phones, there are also a wide selection of designs, colours, shapes and sizes. Youths have become extremely savvy and know their latest products in and out. But not all of them are searching to possess the latest features or functions in their tool.
Honestly, it's kind of difficult to find that ultimate ideal phone that really suits our needs. It's always one or the other. Eventually, we all will come up with a phone that we are willing to spend, even it is for a substantial amount.
Personally, there are four basic criteria that I'll consider in a mobile phone which include features, size, price and design. More importantly, it has to be user-friendly. I prefer less functions because it's simpler and won't give me migraines.
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