Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nomination Day

Tomorrow is Nomination day where the eligible candidates will submit their nomination papers, to contest in the polls. The heat is on and with polling day around the corner, coffee-shop debates are widening to include gossip about parties and candidates. People are concerned about price hikes, inflation, racial issues and the lack of transparency when dealing with government agencies. Barisan Nasional and opposition politicians have been visiting wet markets, night markets and teh tarik stalls to distribute leaflets. And what a surprise! Seems like Fong Po Kuan is back in action and will be defending her Batu Gajah seat. Now that's the spirit, girl!
There will also be young candidates and fresh faces fielding this General Election. Whatever their paths to candidacy is, these young candidates will represent the new generation of leaders.
Come March 8, the political fates of these young blood will be determined by voters.

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