Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog Explosion is My Biggest Traffic Source

If you're looking for more traffic for your blog, Blog Explosion will help your traffic explode. I've been trying the service for quite sometime to see how it works. It's pretty amazing to see how easy it is to receive traffic.

It will take a while to approve your blog, but once they do, it is a pretty decent site. Mine took about two months, so be prepared for a wait. You can earn credits while you wait though, which is good. You surf other Blog Explosion member blogs and in return you generate traffic to your blog at the same time. You need to earn credit by randomly visiting other people's blog for at least 30 seconds. Thereafter, you can proceed to the next blog by clicking on a number in the upper left corner.

This service is worth checking out. You can add multiple blogs to your Blogexplosion account to maximize your traffic. Aside from this, this source allows you to add banners to promote your blog with clickthrough reporting! Your banner will then be rotated across the top of all the pages of BlogExplosion giving you even more opportunities to generate additional traffic to your blog sites.

There's also a convenient pinging tool in Blog Explosion where you can ping your website once every hour and BlogExplosion will ping the following major blog search engines for you at a click of a button. I used to ping my blog with Technorati on its own but ever since I discovered BlogExplosion, I use this service to save a lot of time by pinging to many other services as well.

Enjoy Blog explosion, it’s another great way of wandering around the blogging community.


e s t a n c u s said...

hey man, will check it out soon. thnx for the info! blogger like you rox! :-D

Lena T said...

thanx for dropping by. have fun exploring the blogosphere.

.olivia.LEIGH. said...

I also love Blog Explosion!

Lena T said...

yeah, the effect is marvellous. thanks for dropping by.

Krishna109 said...

is it still in existence? That url doesn't seem to be working...?