Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Nation in Distress???

There is a campaign by a group of bloggers to raise Malaysian flag upside down to symbolize a nation in distress and had called upon their readers to fly the Malaysian Flag upside down. The initial call was said to be have been made by Kelantanese blogger Sheih aka ‘kickdefella‘ .

This is indeed a sad thing. No matter how much I hate the political situation, hoisting “Jalur Gemilang” in that manner is total disrespectful and an insult. It only shows our immaturity in distinguishing the real problems in our beloved country.

I feel and sense an emptiness to this year's Merdeka celebrations. There are a few more days before we celebrate our Independence Day but yet there is no “Merdeka Spirit” in the air at this time of the year unlike previous years.

Our distress is due to some political issues and not our country. An upside down flag is the international symbol for distress. I guess the nation needs a miracle to get itself out of the major crisis and problems that are facing us today.

Regardless, I think the flag should be retained as it is , not inverted. It is the symbol of our freedom and be proud of it.



Buzzing J said...

Agree with you 101%.

Ikmal Ezzani said...

i agree too. this is like mocking our freedom fighters. the one who keep bloods of our flags.
if i insult this kelantanese fella, it just show how uncivilized i am. so i'm not gonna do it. but please.

political is always bullshit in all country. if you want to be political please be civilize and respect our country flag.

Mayet said...

hi! your side bar just dropped!!

Mayet said...

hi your side bar isn't align with your main post.

Lena T said...

buzzing j,
ikmal ezzani,

yeah, the flag belongs to the nation and should not be given such a horrible treatment. the move should be rejected by all malaysians.

Lena T said...

my blog looks fine in internet explorer but too bad it doesn't works well in other browsers. I hope to fix this problem soon. thanks for your feedback.