Thursday, August 21, 2008

Portuguese Egg Tarts, anyone?

Portuguese egg tarts with the slightly charred tops

I had this sudden crave for portuguese egg tarts of late and if you've never had this dessert before, you're missing out on some sweet, mouth-watering, delicious egg aroma.

When my husband and I travelled to Macao a few years ago, we had the most AMAZING Portuguese Egg Tarts from a street vendor. The crust was flaky and creamy and the custard was smooth and warm. I never had an egg tart that I loved so much!

I think there are many who would favour portuguese egg tarts from one bakery or another. However, no other portuguese egg-tarts in Malaysia can beat those in Macao.

I bought these at Just Bread in Kedah

So far, the ones here are said to be the best in town and despite being a bit pricier, the portuguese egg tarts sell out as fast as they arrive at the shop. Better still, when it's sold between 7a.m. and 11a.m. daily, it is fresh and warm from the oven.

The difference between a Portuguese egg tart and a normal egg tart is that this one has its delicious flaky pastry and the fragrant egg custard while the chinese tart at times crumbly and less flaky. I prefer the Portuguese style egg tarts to the chinese egg tarts.

Great as a tea-time snack, as well as an after-meal dessert, you can never get enough of this delicacy.


Sinful_Sweet said...

Wow I never knew I could crave something so bad that I've never even tasted... but I'm gonna go find me some tomorrow!!! Thanks so much for the post!!!

Lena T said...

cool, i'm sure you'll love this aromatic custard. thanks for dropping by!

Wonderful Life said...

the tarts made me salivating ler... slurp slurp.

Lena T said...

wonderful life,
yup, they are very scrumptious!!

cube said...

Now you've made me crave them and I've never even tasted one!

inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

They look delicious!!

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Ooooooh. These look wonderful. I'm going to Google a recipe.

Lena T said...

inland empire restaurant,
lady skye fyre,

these egg tarts are available at almost every Chinese buffet or Dim Sum restaurant on this planet.