Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can you have fun in the dark?

Power blackouts can be a real hassle to many. When I was a teenager, my sisters and I would howl 'Oh no, not again!' with the complete darkness. Then we would lit our gas lamps moaning and groaning and stayed together until the lights came on again.

But millions of people willingly and happily subjected themselves to silent darkness to observe 'Earth Hour' on Saturday, March 29th 2008. Earth Hour was initiated by WWF-Australia and it has inspired 27 other cities to switch off their electrical appliances during the designated hour. Other cities that had not signed up also showed their support in turning off their lights in a bid to raise awareness on global warming.

Has our beloved Kuala Lumpur done their bits to embrace Earth Hour? Some say the initiative is still new and most KL-ites are ignorant about it. Infact, such event like this is a great start for people across the globe to go green. Perhaps you can find something fun and interesting to do without lights or other electrical devices - invite friends over for a candlelight snack and a chat, go for a walk, take a nap, have a romantic date with your spouse or significant other. Maybe I’ll be able to see stars for once in my life.

Will you support Earth Hour? Can you survive for one hour without lights? Well, action speaks louder than words.

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