Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Star Fruits :Life Threatening??

It has been quite sometime I didn't buy any star fruits to eat. Its pretty terrifying when I read about the news that star fruits can be hazardous especially for those with kidney failures. Here's a stern reminder to all bloggers to take note. There are a lot things which we are clueless of the star fruits effects until something awful happened.

The Star reported that the 66-year-old, Tang Gon Seang who has been suffering from a kidney ailment, was in Shenzhen visiting his son, fell into a coma on March 29 after eating star fruits. Besides, there are a dozen people sufferred the same condition after consuming star fruits as well. Initially, I thought it could be due to some pesticides that was sprayed onto the starfruit in China but according to the doctors, starfruit can actually cause drastic effects to some kidney patients.

Star fruits contain a neurotoxin not present in other fruits. This poison can affect the brain and nervous system. The star fruit, while seems harmless for most people, can turn deadly for those suffering from kidney problems. This is because people with diseased and weakened kidneys are unable to filter out this toxin. As little as one fruit or 100ml of its juice can lead to serious implications.

If you have kidney impairment, DO NOT consume starfruit or starfruit juice. Because no effective treatment is currently available, patients especially those who are newly diagnosed with chronic renal failure or end-stage renal disease must be warned not to ingest star fruit, even in small amounts. However, healthy individuals should beware of this fruit's potential toxin too. It could also affect your health if you are not lucky. Having said that, I'm not too sure whether my kidney is in good condition. So it's better to play safe than sorry.

Some of the initial symptoms of start fruit poisoning include:

Numbness and weakness
Feeling confused
Epileptic fist

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U.Lee said...

This is an eye opener. I guess we do have to take care what we et if we have health problems.
Never knew star fruits can cause this.
You have a nice day, Lee.