Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day

Time flies pretty fast. It’s finally the end of April and tomorrow is Labour Day which means public holiday for most countries. The day recognises the contribution of working people towards society but much more than that, it is also an opportunity to take a break in more ways than one. Several countries celebrate Labour Day on May 1. However, a few countries celebrate on a different day. In United States and Canada, it takes place on the first Monday of September.
How I wish that this year's Labour Day falls on Friday instead of Thursday. At least, I can fully enjoy the weekends 3 days stretch in a row if the holiday falls on Friday. Anyway, a break is better than nothing. Some countries hold multi celebrations including parades, concerts and other patriotic and labour-oriented events. Well, nothing unusual is happening in Malaysia. Hopefully, the weather will be pleasant tomorrow so that I'll be able to go shopping. The freaking heat is just unbearable these days.
Here's wishing Happy Labour Day to everyone, although i guess most of you will just laze around and catch up on beauty sleep on the first of May.

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