Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hair dyes found to increase cancer risk

A woman's hair, as they say is her crowning glory. Hair–coloring is somehow popular these days. Obviously a person with colored hair looks more trendy and fashionable. Choosing the right color is another big decision.

There are a growing number of people who has turned to hair dyes. As for me, I have no intention on colouring my hair at the moment. Reason being it can eventually lead to hair thinning and loss of hair. Hair dyes can be harsh on the hair, leaving it damaged and brittle. Besides, I'm quite comfortable with my natural hair colour. After all, my hair colour outshines during broad daylight.

If you want to color your hair but have concerns about the safety of commercial hair dyes there are alternatives. There are tons of homemade hair dye recipes to be found on the Internet. Henna is also an option that shouldn't be harmful to your hair.

According to scientists, use of artificial hair dyes increases the risk of bladder cancer, lymphoma, and leukaemia not only for those who colour their hair but also hairdressers in close and regular proximity to the chemicals. This is a stern reminder to everyone who frequently use commercial hair dyes.

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