Monday, April 7, 2008

Sufiah Yusof reveals

A tragic story of the world today. Genius people don't always make the best choices but this is the lifestyle chosen by Sufiah. Following the latest news on Sufiah, she has expressed no regrets being an escort whatsoever. Infact, she's having a fabulous life that way. There is no need for Malaysia government to intervene. Instead, the government should opened their eyes and seriously look into those who really need help. I think they are wasting the taxpayers' money to rescue one Malaysian hooker in overseas while we can do much for people with that fund. After all Sufiah is not a Malaysian citizen. She's a British citizen whose mother happens to be a Malaysian.
Personally, I feel that she should be left alone to manage her own life. Judging from her own side of story, I would said that Sufiah is a much happier soul today, compared to the hellish childhood she went through that provoked her to run away from home at an early age.
I’m still with my opinion that we should just let Sufiah pursue whatever path she thinks fit for her life. Whether, she still got that Maths ‘genius’-trait in side her - only time will decide. You can read the full story at

2004: She marries Jonathan Marshall

Seeds of despair: Sufiah in 1997 on her first day at Oxford with her father Farooq and sister Aisha

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