Monday, April 14, 2008

Underground telephone cables stolen

There was a break down of telephone system near my hometown following removal of underground cables on Saturday (12.04.2008). Hundreds of telephone connections were completely disrupted. Looks like the copper thieves have struck again. Such stories are neither new nor uncommon, where cable theft often happens here. These crooks often cut the overhead lines and sell the contents of the cable, to the scrap metal dealers by weight as the price of copper is very high on the local market. I believe it is going to continue to go on for some time to come. It is extremely frustrating to the telephone subscribers when they suffer this kind of thing. This could take anything from a week, to a few weeks.
So far my area was not affected by the cable theft. Otherwise I'd be stranded in a misery moaning and groaning. I guess I'm pretty much connected into the cyberspace which really suits me very well. Infact, it has become the norm for people to exchange ideas via emails as well as using various messenger systems. Apart from that, the net has broadened the circle of people I know.

Anyway, I hope the telephone connections will be restored as soon as possible. The investigations are in progress and a hunt has been launched to nab the thieves. Police are now appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

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