Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CJ7 Movie Review

If you’re a fan of Stephen Chow’s, you should go check this movie. I think CJ7 is meant for younger audiences, although audiences of all ages might enjoy viewing it.
Living in a rundown apartment with his construction worker father Ti (Chow), young Dicky (Xu Jiao) is often picked on by his class bullies. With the exception of the compassionate Miss Yuen, played by Kitty Zhang, his teachers are cold, bordering on the outright hostile. Ti struggles to make ends meet, barely able to keep food on the table. Basically, this story revolves around Dicky's relationship with his father Ti and his school life, and how his life changes when he meets the CJ7, this little (computer-rendered) alien. CJ7 has extra ordinary powers that can turn things back to good condition.
A majority of viewers have been impressed by Stephen Chow's previous comedies such as Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, which have received numerous appreciations and awards worldwide. It's worth seeing this movie if you are seeking basic entertainment and joy. Not my favourite by any means, but rest assured that Chow has delivered yet another funny film.

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