Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cost-cutting measures For Menteris- Save RM2Bil

Pak Lah announced some measures to cut down on unneccesary expenditures for all menteris to combat rising costs recently. For these cost cutting measures, government would save up to RM 2 billions per year, so it seems. The 10% entertainment allowances cut for ministers and deputys was not enough to prove that the government understood the difficult times faced by the nation.

Looks like the cash rebates , the RM625 and RM150, are not going to be an annual thing and it's only one time deal. It seems that our Government is trying their best to lighten the burden of the public following the fuel price hike. The soaring prices put great pressure, uneasiness and worry on the livelihood of the nation in general. The rebate idea seems good for the day but in the long run it would eventually suck us dry.

On a personal note, I’ll have to review all my travel trips– like going to work, sending my kids to school, the weekend family outings, the list goes on. Perhaps, I now need to drive less and use the car only when necessary. But going to work is a necessity and there is nothing I can do about that.

And I don’t think I’ll give up driving because public transports are inefficient and unreliable. I want to see the ministers take public transport, so we can follow suit. See if they can get to their offices on time.

The good old days are gone. The days of cheap fuel are unlikely to return.

Well, I’m no politic savvy but this is too much. Ever since Pak lah took over, prices have been climbing up and up and never went down…nothing he did was ever right…Vote for 'B.N.' sum morelah!!! Get ready to embrace more shocks in future.

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