Friday, June 20, 2008

How To Keep your eyes Healthy?

It is quite common for people to take for granted the things that they have, thinking that nothing can take such things away from them. Have you ever thought that anything in the world can disappear in just a blink of an eye? Nowadays, people are more concerned about losing weight, plumping their lips, breasts enhancement, or filling their butts rather than thinking of ways to care for their precious eyes.

A growing number of people aged 50 and over suffers from AMD (Age macular degeneration) or cataracts. These failures, related to eyes, are usually from a prolonged lack of carotenoid and other antioxidant. According to a research aimed at preventing eye diseases, it has indicated that people who have ample antioxidants in their blood have reduced risk of developing AMD and cataracts.

One of the effective ways to prevent future serious eye diseases is by adding foods that are rich in vitamins A, E and C to boost your eyes’ health. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A, which is a source of eye-building nutrient beta-carotene, include carrots, squash, apricot, deep orange produce, cod liver oil, and green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Vitamin C-rich foods include citrus fruits, raspberries, Brussels sprouts, mango, broccoli, strawberries and cauliflower. Meanwhile, good sources of Vitamin E are eggs, peanuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds.

Having a good diet and taking supplements won’t help much if you compromise your eye health by spending too much time in the sun or smoking. Of course, nothing beats a well-balanced diet, but you might want to consider taking supplements to help ensure you’re giving your eyes all the nutrition they need.

Bilberry for Your Eyes

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