Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lipsticks and High Heels:Encourage Rapes?

The directive issued by the municipal council of Kota Baru, Kelantan forbids Muslim women from putting on thick make-up, like bright colored lipstick. They can’t also move around in high-heeled shoes that gave a tapping sound, news agency Bernama said. This piece of crap revolves around women frenzy again. Obviously, this statement has made Malaysia a world news item , not to mention a laughing stock.

No wonder Kelantan is still going backwards. Most of the smart and progressive Kelantanese have fled to KL or elsewhere, avoiding these bunch of crazy PUS nerds (not PAS) imposing idiotic rules. Their reason for this ridiculous implementation? To prevent rape and soliciting, so it seems.

These guidelines aren’t about protecting women in anyway. They are about limiting their behaviour. I don’t understand the mindset that thinks that women changing their appearance or their dressing will have any effect on whether they are raped or not. It’s another ridiculous attempt to blame it all on the women. I’m not very sure how Kelantanese women will react to this new law implementation.

Please stop degrading women as merely sex objects for men to commit rapes and also please stop highlighting women being attractive leads to rape. All women, regardless of age, appearance, dressing decently, get rape too.

It’s rather difficult to consider PAS seriously as a political party..because it seems that they are more concern about inmoral activities and sex-related issues, nothing else on their minds.

So, what's next, PUS? Don't be surprise to hear more shocks in future!

Source: Council gets a lot of 'lip' stick

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Shad said...

I totally agree with you! Why should they condemn the women's lifestyle instead of looking for possible rapists? how can they even justify their actions by blaming the women? They're just not liberal enough. Any middle school kid knows that high heels does not contribute to rape. Ever heard of a guy with a turn on for high heels?? I dont think they did their homework... Sheesh

Simon Ho said...

these PAS men are sexists. they always blame women for social ills.

Lena T said...

shad & simon,
something must be seriously wrong with local men if high heels & lipstick turn them on. what women need is preventive action, but those PAS dinosaurs are not doing anything about it.