Friday, June 13, 2008

My Timeless Gift- Another Blissfully Day

My hubby came home from a business trip to U.S a few days ago. When he comes home, he usually shower me with gifts. My dear hubby bought me a Fossil watch from New York and I'm totally in cloud 9. You will probably agree that a watch is a very important thing in defining anyone's style. Have to handle this ornament with good care coz I tend to be so clumsy at times and damage my watches hehe..

Polished, silver bracelet watch with fancyful case

Perfect for everyday wear

I am not a big "fussy" person, so I don't like a lot of frilly things, but this is nice and simple, and this timepiece speaks about my style and taste.

Hoohoohoo! Looks pretty cool on my wrist


brazil cool said...

Pretty watch on Pretty lady!

Lena T said...

brazil cool,
thanks for the compliment.