Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thumbs uP for Kungfu Panda

I hadn’t seen many animated flicks as of late and I would say, simply a remarkable motion picture that is likeable, entertaining, and humourous. It was interesting, though, to hear the voices of well chosen cast of actors like Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu.

Noodle-shop boy Po (Jack Black) is one of the biggest fans of the Furious Five, Kung Fu masters and defenders of the Valley of Peace. When the vengful Tai Lung (Ian McShane) escapes his inescapable prison, it is up to the founding master of Kung Fu (Randall Duk Kim), to choose one of the Five to become the Dragon Warrior and defeat Tai Lung. Unfortunately, he picks Po instead. It's up to Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), master of the Furious Five, to train the flabby panda in time to save the Valley from Tai Lung's wrath.

Probably the most impressive part of the film were the action scenes. With all the different forms of kung fu, it is hard not to enjoy this film. The plot is straightforward, which makes it very easy to understand even for kids.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Jack Black. But I think he is the funniest character by far, so if you enjoy his kind of humour you will probably like this movie a lot. If you don’t you will probably hate the movie. The other characters add substance to the movie with very well choreographed fight scenes, each with unique abilities.

For what it's worth, my kids really liked the movie. My kids just kept their eyes on screen for the whole time. Never in my life have I seen my kids laughed so hard at an animated movie.

The message is about believing in yourself, the underlying theme of the movie. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’d recommend it to anyone of all ages. You won't be dissapointed.


Johnny Ong said...

agree that this is one of the best movies i have seen.

it reminds people not to let go of their dreams, small or big

BaLQiz said...

I know for sure this movie made me clap in the theater. Dont ask me why. The sudden surge of happiness watching the comedy made me clap my hands. Haih...

Lena T said...

Johnny & balqiz, i'm looking forward to watching it again, awaiting for dvd's release.