Thursday, May 22, 2008

School uniforms encourage rape, pre-marital sex?

I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read this piece of crap in today's Star. To say that our school uniforms encourage rape and pre-marital sex is ridiculous. I just can't comprehend what kind of backward thinking this is! This is a humourous remark. Read on.

The school uniforms have been worn for decades. Uniform transparency is not the major reason leading to rapes and pre-marital sex, duh! You have the blue pinafore to cover up the white blouse. Do you think that by 'covering up' can fend of social ills, such as rape, sexual harassment and molest? What about fathers raping daughters, young children getting raped or molested? Those crimes are easily committed anywhere. Why are they always putting the blame of crime on the victim? Women should not be blame if men failed to control their urge. Infact, there are so many other ways to reach out and stop it from happening but this particular proposal is totally out of the question.

I think the whole world must be laughing their heads off while rolling on the floor. Something must be seriously wrong with local men if school uniforms worn by girls turns them on.

If the authorities really review the uniform policy and make changes, will it really helps? Honestly, if they seriously want to proceed with their crazy plan, I think that the baju kurung should be disallowed as it is more transparent than the blue pinafore with the white blouse.


Falcon said...

really stupid they can thtink of such things...

k0k s3n w4i said...

reminds me of something someone said about those old looney tune cartoons featuring comical violence and explosives.

"Now that explosives are removed or censored from saturday morning cartoons, have you noticed a decline in the use of TNTs and dynamites by you children?"

bongkersz said...

every now and then we have some idiots trying to come up with funny ideas, i wonder they do it for publicity or else?