Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beating Traffic Lights

With many years on the road of Malaysia, the worse ever are motorcycle riders. I hate inconsiderate motorcyclists. I’ve met such reckless bikers on the road , so I try my best to be careful and stay away from them…Yesterday on the way home from office, I stumbled upon this idiotic motorcyclist who beat the red lights. I know such news are neither new nor uncommon. Infact, I've seen this happened countless times.

At times, it's pretty frustrating to watch them squeeze through you at traffic lights, sometimes scraping your car, hitting your side mirrors without even bothering to stop. Those bunch of idiotic bikers beat those red lights as if they own the roads. I just couldn't care less if they kill themselves but they endanger the other innocents around them too, that's what I despise the most.

I thought to myself perhaps many of these frequent traffic offenders do not even have valid road taxes and number plates on their vehicles. For all you know, they could even be criminals. Having said that, they really have no regards for law and order and not to mention, without mercy.

I always require seatbelts for my passengers. And even if you are the most careful driver on the planet, there are really some idiot drivers who couldn't care less otherwise. They will ride their bikes at full speed and zig zagging in and out of traffic!

So is this a new trend or just the attitude of Malaysian bikers? Oh well, we shall see in a couple of years time. I believe everyone has their own encounter. A word of caution: Beware of those lunatics who do not give a damn about other people lives.


Johnny Ong said...

can't agree more with u on certain lunatic motorcyclists

Lena T said...

yeah, those maniacs are fearless and have no respect for anyone.