Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An attempted snatch theft

It's not my usual practice to carry handbags these days as I live in a place with a high crime index rate of snatch thieves. Sadly, there have been a few serious injuries to the victims, fell into a coma, some of which led to death. All these happenings make us women feel so unsafe. No thanks to the increasing number of snatch thieves who have imprisoned our freedom. These thugs will strike when the opportunity arises. As fuel prices soar, the crime is even more tempting for thieves to rob.

I was on my way to work this morning when I witnessed an attempted snatch theft. The fast motorbike whizzed pass, coming out from nowhere, attempted to grab the handbag of a lady by the sidewalk. The lady screamed her lungs out and the suspects fled without obtaining anything as her handbag strap got twisted off its hinge and most of her belongings got thrown onto the ground. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt seriously in the process... just fell on the ground.....I couldn't dash out from my car as it was inconvenient to leave my kids behind at that moment. Hopefully that she will get over the trauma quickly.

As a word of advice to you guys and gals out there, be careful and always be alert of your surroundings. Always take notice of any motorcycles or people talking behind you. Don't keep important documents in your handbag and always walk against the traffic. Most guys and some girls will place their wallets in the back pocket of their jeans or shorts making them an easy target for pick pockets; so change your habit and place wallets in the front pockets or perhaps buy a bum bag.

The good old days are gone. I wish the police would patrol these crime prone areas often instead of issuing summons to motorists for parking offences or not wearing seatbelts. Fighting crime should be our country’s main priority and it still should.

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