Wednesday, July 9, 2008

George Town, Malacca has achieved the World Heritage Site Status

George Town and Bandar Melaka are now UNESCO's World Heritage Site. This is simply awesome! Something for Malaysians to be proud of...... Now that George Town and Malacca are listed as World Heritage Sites, the citizens can look forward to seeing more tourists. With the listing, the two cities join other World Heritage Sites in Malaysia that include the Mulu Caves and Kinabalu National Park.

As a Penangite, I’m proud of this new status of my city. Penang has plenty of good things to offer. It is also well known for being the "food paradise of Malaysia." Nevertheless, there are still plenty of work to be done. The inner city needs renewal badly to bring Penang to a greater shine for foreigners. I hope there are enough local experts to lend their expertise. George Town has been recognised for its largest concentration of pre-World War II buildings in South East Asia and multi-ethnic living heritage. There is a large potential market for heritage and cultural tourism.

It’s time for us, or particularly to the government, to have a comprehensive plan on how to fully utilize this competitive advantage to benefit the people. Otherwise, Unesco will strip George town off the heritage city status. Meanwhile, the state would hold a three day celebration from July 25th to celebrate George Town's success in getting the heritage site listing.

Source: The Star & UNESCO

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Johnny Ong said...

it's a positive news in the midst of political upheavals in malaysia

Lena T said...

yes it is. people are becoming fed up with the political slandering. there's no point leaders being elected and not working for the people.