Saturday, May 17, 2008

American Idol Finale: David Cook vs David Archuleta

David Cook vs. David Archuleta. Who do you wanna see come out on top?

I think this season’s (7th) American Idol is the best so far. It’ll be the guy vs. guy finale since season 2’s Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard showdown. One little David and one adult David. The other David (Hernandez) was just not lucky. What if it had been David A vs David C vs David H? Would it have been fun and cool? Anyway, I am rooting for David Cook. I just think that from all of his performances, he deserves it the best. I personally think Cook is more relevant in today’s music industry. Archuleta appeals to a large young teenage group, while Cook’s audience are more mature and appeal to more people at all levels. Maybe my predictions are wrong but it's merely my opinion. I like David A though...he is a breath of fresh air and all, but he's no David C!

I don’t think it was any surprise that Syesha Mercado was voted off “American Idol” on Wednesday night. It was a rough night for Syesha, and it almost seemed like the judges were telling America to send her home judging from her average performances. I guess she is now out of the game.

Whatever happens, the two 'Davids' are going HEAD to HEAD in the finale. They're both of the same potential and of a strong fan base. Tough call. Which David is your pick? One thing's for sure, I’m not going to miss the finale. It will be be Idol mania next week. Gosh, this whole post is about DAVIDS.

This dolphin is one lucky mammal!

In this photo, David Archuleta kisses a dolphin. Yes, you read that correctly. Are you jealous of the mammal, ladies?

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