Friday, May 9, 2008

American Idol's Top 3: Jason Castro Heads Home

Jason voted off

It was rock and roll week and the remaining four idols had to pick two songs from that era. It came no surprise to me when it was announced Jason was voted off this week. Infact, he should have packed his bag a few weeks ago. His performances really sucks. It would have been a shock if Syesha got the boot. Somehow, Jason was lucky enough to survive through two incredible weeks. That's because he outlasted Carly Smithson and Brooke White whom many thought were better than him. I had to agree with Simon when he lambasted Jason for 'an utterly atrocious performance' for the first song. It was in the second song when Jason really messed it up as he forgot the lyrics of it.

David Cook was awesome again this week. He started with 'Hungry Like The Wolf' which blasted the house down. His second number 'Baba O'Riley' was unfamiliar number but David musically showcased his talent and earned high praise from all the three judges. Even Simon was compelled to remark, "welcome back, David Cook."

As for David Archuleta, he rendered 'Stand By Me' and 'Love Me Tender' and he absolutely captivated everyone with his deep, matured voice. I'd say that the night truly belonged to little David. I think he is going to go far in music industry. Besides, he has milllions of screaming fans in every corner of the world.

It was difficult to find fault with Syesha because she impressed everyone except Simon who said it was a bad impersonation of Tina Turner. Simon got that all wrong, big booo. When Syesha delivered her second song, 'A Change Is Gonna Come', strangely though, among the three judges, only Randy didn't like it.

Each contestant will sing three songs – judges’ choice, producers’ choice and finalist’s choice next week. The remaining three will get the opportunity to perform in front of a home town audience next week.
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