Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why Married Men Stray?

The question is not about my relationship but I’ve seen many cases on how men stray upon seeing another woman.

When a man strays, the blame often falls on the wife for not keeping her husband satisfied. Men can be easily succumb to temptation and seduction when they are home away from home. How true is it? Of course, I'm not saying all men are likely to cheat. While lust plays a part, as does boredom, I suppose the obvious reason is they are not getting attention at home. Do women stray almost as much as men? I’m not in the habit of judging people, as I always believe that you cannot completely understand them unless you are in the same situation as they are. Anyway,I still think that a real man will know the difference between the pretty face and the real faithful.

As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I'm not exactly a star in the kitchen. Although I'm not a great cook by any measure I know my husband will still live if he had to eat my own cooking. As long as he knows how to eat, that's all that matters. My husband has not cheated as far as I know and we still have that spark between us.

And I love this quote:One night stands are different from affairs. One night stands are typically mistakes. Affairs are more deeply rooted. And someone wrote " the time that is spent hiding the affair and the thought involved with making up lies could easily be spent investing in the relationship they are in to make it better"

So what really makes men stray? Bad sex? Nagging wife? Prettier woman with a better body? An escape from loneliness? Not getting attention? What's really on their minds?


~YM~ said...

Why they stray? Let's just say it's midlife crisis. They felt that they are old, so they want to feel young again and have the adrenaline rushing through their veins. Most males who do so are of course, in a mental state after all. It's never about sex or good food. It's always about the thrill of the beginning of a love. Haiz..a sad thing anyway..

Lena T said...

Yeah, men are unpredictable in some ways.