Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do online relationships really work?

It can be rather difficult to find that true love everyone is looking for, and even more in today’s hectic society. Especially for busy professionals, online dating is a short cut and very convenient service. These days, the internet can be a very handy tool in meeting that special someone. You see advertisements all over the place. However, online dating is very different than dating someone that you meet in the “real” world.

Why do most online relationships fail? Perhaps, they were never meant to be lifetime relationships. You may end up in messy consequences.

A friend of mine recently moved to a foreign country. She had visited there several times, and had met a man along the way…and initially, they started an online relationship which eventually led to becoming engaged. When she moved down there…they began to date in real life. Unfortunately, after several dates, she realized that he was not her dreamlover, so it seems. Soon after, they went separate ways. My friend said that she should not hang on to something that has no hope.

I guess it’s not easy for you to find the kind of guy you’re really looking for. I believe tons of other women might encountered this exact same problem of dating all the "wrongmen."

Online relationships are usually tricky because love is always sweeter and more passionate from afar. You'll never know until you see your date's true colours in person. I've seen this happen before.

So…do online relationships last long? Do people get married eventually? I've heard that other women have met their boyfriends or husbands online but to me nothing beats the 'real world'. It's easier to determine the personality of someone. Perhaps, it all depends on your timing and luck in online relationships. Well, I’m sure it is, for some. But that just couldn’t be the situation in all cases…


3POINT8 said...

I dun trust the net.
If you ask me.... I'd say they won't work

pikey said...

i believe it wont work either.. it's jz so fake...